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Thank you for visiting my website and permit me to introduce myself.

My name is Fritz Dieck and I am a professional trapper in British Columbia, Canada. I was born in Germany in 1940, where I grew up and began to hunt and trap at the age of 5. My tutor - the proprietor of an estate, whose passion for hunting and trapping was remarkable - taught me many techniques and the secrets and ethics of trapping and hunting.

Canada - Trapper Fritz Dieck

NTS lodge and adjoining buildings

In 1974 I visited B.C. for the first time and was immediately struck by its fascinating beauty, pristine lakes, endless mountain ranges and the abundance of wildlife. I had previously traveled as far as Scandinavia and Russia but nothing compared to what I saw and experienced in British Columbia. My feelings were overwhelmed and, in 1976, I began to hedge plans to live here. In 1982 I became a certified trapper, courtesy of training taken at the College of New Caledonia in Prince George. Thereafter, for several years, I worked as  an assistant to an old trapper (82 years of age) from whose knowledge and experience I gleaned valuable theoretical and practical benefits. In 1985 I acquired a trapline located within the Coast Mountains, 250 km West of Williams Lake, home of the world famous Stampede, and founded the "Native Trapper's School of B.C. Canada Ltd.". In 1988 I erected the main camp and in 1989 joined the Fur Institute of Canada where, as an active member, I am involved in wildlife research and trap development.

Fritz Dieck

View over Tuzcha Lake
from the lodge

My trapline consists of some 140.000 hectares (1400 sqkm/540 sqmiles) of land, much of which is on remote mountain ranges, and encompasses over 40 lakes, rich in fish and up to 50 km long. My main fly-in camp with lodge, school, smokehouse, sauna, barn, greenhouse, and chickenhouse is located in Gunn Valley, on one of Tuzcha Lake's peninsulas. As the only permanent resident of my preserve, of which 30,000 hectares are part of Ts'il?os Provincial Park "class A", I enjoy the alpine flora and fauna and live "in nature with nature", with no maintained roads, powerline, TV, or stress.

35 km Trail

Snowmobiling on the 35 km trail to the next road to civilisation

Despite this, I offer extraordinary luxury to my guests, such as the sauna with a stunning view from the relaxing room and porch, satellite phone for emergency use, generator, and solar power, indoor bathroom, hot showers, pure drinking water from our own mountain spring, open fireplace, as well as wildlife watching through the lodge's panoramic windows or from its balcony. Furthermore, I am in contact with the Shamane of the Ts'ilquot'in First Nation People, with whom I can arrange a visit to us if desired.

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In my booklet "What is a Trapper?" I explain the background of a trapper's life.
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Please leave your order and phone number on my answering machine: 001-250-392-4491 and I shall call you back for payment details.


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